Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mayor Joe Curtatone Agrees to install bulb outs, raised intersections

Following is from Melora and David's letter to the editor of the Somerville Journal:

Dear Mayor Curtatone:

You met with Willow Avenue resident Dan Shugrue and me on June 2 to discuss the pedestrian safety recommendations of the Davis Square Transportation Design Group. We wish to thank you for your commitment to add bulb-out curb extensions to the intersection of Willow and Elm by fall 2008, and a speed table to the intersection of Willow and Summer when Willow is repaved in 2009, in accordance with the group's recommendations. We appreciate your commitment to improving pedestrian safety, and we hope these steps will serve as a model for cost-effective safety improvements throughout the city.

We also wish to thank the members of the Davis Square Transportation Design Group (Cassie Arnaud, Beatriz C. Gomez Mouakad, David Loutzenheiser, Brian Postlewaite, Dan Shugrue and several others) who spent many hours -- entirely volunteer -- over a 12-week period gathering input from Willow Avenue neighbors, devising a suitable and cost-effective plan, and documenting the resulting recommendations that were presented to Mayor Curtatone on June 2:

Finally, thanks to Dan Shugrue for preparing an excellent presentation and for going door-to-door with us last winter to discuss the issue with neighbors, and thanks to Ace Wheel Works for publicizing the proposed safety improvements in their store.

Melora Rush and David Booth
Elm Street